Steven L. Brunton

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Adjunct Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics

Data Science Fellow, eScience Institute

University of Washington, Seattle

Ph.D. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering,

Princeton University, 2012

B.S. in Mathematics and minor in control and dynamical systems,

California Institute of Technology (Caltech), 2006

Current Members

Moore Sloan Postdoctoral Fellow

(2016-present, with J. Nathan Kutz)

PhD 2015, Fluid Dynamics, Universite de Poitiers (Advisor: Bernd Noack)

Thesis: Cluster-based reduced order models

Selected publications:

Aditya Nair

Postdoctoral Fellow

(2018-present, with Bing W. Brunton)

PhD 2018, Mechanical Engineering, Florida State University (Advisor: Kunihiko (Sam) Taira)

Selected publications:

Kathleen Champion

Postdoctoral Fellow

(2019-present, with Nathan Kutz)

PhD 2019, Applied Mathematics, University of Washington (Advisor: Nathan Kutz and Steve Brunton)

Selected publications:

Benjamin Herrmann

DAAD PRIME Postdoctoral Fellow

(2019-present, with Richard Semaan)

PhD 2018, Fluid Dynamics, University of Chile (Advisor: Williams R. Calderon Munoz)

Postdoctoral Fellow

(2019-present, with Nathan Kutz)

PhD 2019, Mathematics, University of California Davis (Advisor: Raissa D’Souza)

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Graduate Students

Thomas Mohren

PhD student (2015-present) co-advised with Tom Daniel