Steven L. Brunton

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Adjunct Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics

Data Science Fellow, eScience Institute

University of Washington, Seattle

Ph.D. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering,

Princeton University, 2012

B.S. in Mathematics and minor in control and dynamical systems,

California Institute of Technology (Caltech), 2006

Current Members

Moore Sloan Postdoctoral Fellow

(2016-present, with J. Nathan Kutz)

PhD 2015, Fluid Dynamics, Universite de Poitiers (Advisor: Bernd Noack)

Thesis: Cluster-based reduced order models

Selected publications:

(2019-present, with Richard Semaan)


PhD 2018, Fluid Dynamics, University of Chile (Advisor: Williams R. Calderon Munoz)

Modeling synchronization in forced turbulent oscillator flows
Benjamin Herrmann, Philipp Oswald, Richard Semaan, Steven L. Brunton

To appear in Communications Physics, 2020.

Henning Lange

Postdoctoral Fellow

(2019-present, with J. Nathan Kutz)

PhD 2019, Advanced Infrastructure Systems, Carnegie Mellon (Advisor: Mario Bergés)

Thesis: Variational Methods for Energy Systems

Selected publications:

Postdoctoral Fellow

(2019-present, with Nathan Kutz)

PhD 2019, Mathematics, University of California Davis (Advisor: Raissa D’Souza)

Postdoctoral Fellow

(2020-present, with J. Nathan Kutz)



PhD 2020, Complex materials, Stanford University (Advisor: Daniel Tartakovsky)

Thesis: Stochastic and multiscale modeling of complex materials

Selected Publication: Data-Driven Discovery of Coarse-Grained Equations

Urban Fasel

Postdoctoral Fellow



PhD 2020, Mechanical Engineering, ETH Zurich (Advisor: Paolo Ermanni)

Thesis: Reduced-​Order Aeroelastic Modeling of Morphing Wings for Optimization and Control

Selected Publication: Data-driven nonlinear aeroelastic models of morphing wings for control

Acting Instructor

(2020-present, with J. Nathan Kutz)



PhD 2017, Mathematics, University of Ottawa (Advisor: Dr. Benoit Dionne and Dr. Victor LeBlanc)

Thesis: On the Existence and Stability of Rotating Wave Solutions to Lattice Dynamical Systems

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Graduate Students

Ariana Mendible

PhD student (2017-present), co-advised with Nathan Kutz

Isabel Scherl

PhD student (2017-present), co-advised with Brian Polagye

Kadierdan Kaheman

PhD student (2018-present)

Yuying Liu

PhD student (2018-present), co-advised with Nathan Kutz

Michelle Hickner

PhD student (2019-present) co-advised with Bing Brunton

Dan Shea

PhD student (2018-present) co-advised with Nathan Kutz

Kartik Krishna

PhD student (2019-present)

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High School Students

Sanya Gupta

Interlake High School, Bellevue, WA


Jessica Ruan